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Pinshape contest week 3 collection!





The pinshape contest is about to end and we will continue to share with you the latest winning works with you. Today let us see some works of week 3 winners!



Fender Strato - 3D Printed by Format3D

Print time: 4 hr

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.15 mm

Print speed:30.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:215.0 °C

Infill:25.0 %




The Fender Stratocaster was the first guitar to feature three pickups and a spring tension vibrato system, as well as being the first Fender with a contoured body. 


This fender strato model with multicolor painting is a perfect decoration.  


$10 IPhoneX Wireless Charging Stand - Captain America - 3D Printed by daveyclk


Print time: 4 hr

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.3mm

Print speed:90.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:220.0 °C

Infill:15.0 %





This is an inexpensive way of making your very own wireless charging stand for your brand new phone! NB: You phone must have wireless charging (Qi) capability built in to benefit form the charging. If you don't have that it's still a smashing stand! This is the Captain America version!



Spiral Vase - 3D Printed by Cap'n Hector

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.2mm

Print speed:80.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:195.0 °C

Infill:0.0 %




This 150mm high Spiral vase belongs to the collection of spiral themed objects.


These models contain both single and double spiral vases that make for a great decoration for the house.


What's even better is that they can be can be printed easily without support!


The texture of this 3D printed spiral vase is simple but interesting. "Spiral vase" combines the power of science and technology with


the traditional art of pattern making, using 3d printing to make the bottle body three-dimensional, reflects the impact modern arts and technology have on beauty.



Little Lizard - 3D Printed by Draug

Print time: 2 hr(s) 40 min(s)

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.2mm

Print speed:60.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:200.0 °C

Infill:10.0 %




  This little chap is a model of a living creature. The designer built him in Blender 2.66a. He is not any particular kind of lizard and the designer has tried to make him look as sweet as possible for a reptile! If you look closely, he is smiling at you!


Simple Round Box - 3D Printed by Nishu



Have you ever wondered where to put away your coins or keys? This little orange simple round box will solve all your problems!



These are all five winners of week 2! Come and submit your work to win some eSUN filaments, there is only 10 days left now! You can also join Pinshape now and buy filaments from Amazon with a special coupon: PINSHA15.